Porcelain Slabs for GTA Homes May Be Next Toronto Design Trend

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Porcelain Slabs in the GTA

There is a buzz about porcelain slabs for GTA homes happening amongst Toronto designers this year. Although this innovative material has yet to make it to the top of the list of countertop materials, many in the know think that it’s poised to make a big impact on the market. Thin, yet strong, porcelain slab combines many of the desirable characteristics of other countertop materials, plus design possibilities that could make it a major player.

What Is Porcelain Slab?

Porcelain, of course, has been around for many centuries. First developed in China, porcelain first appeared during the 16th century BC, during the Shang Dynasty. Porcelain is made by firing glazed kaolin clay at temperatures above 1200°C. The resulting material is beautiful and very durable.
Porcelain tiles have been used in interior and exterior design for centuries as well, but there was no technology available to manufacture porcelain in large slabs until the late 1990s. Even then, the technology was inefficient and the resulting slabs failed to fire the imagination of designers. However, recent innovation in the manufacture of porcelain slab has resulted in a thin, strong, large sheet of porcelain that performs extremely well and contains the potential for amazing design.

Design Explosion

Here are some of the aspects of porcelain slab that interest GTA designers:
  • Colour. Porcelain can be made in any colour and with any design. It can be made to resemble marble, wood, metal, fabric or can be printed with any type of graphic. Clients will even be able to upload their own designs, which can then be repeated across the surface of the slab.
  • Integrated sinks. Porcelain slab can contain integrated sinks. This in itself is not unprecedented – but the ability to continue the design pattern across the sink is.
  • Seams. Because the material is so thin, it can be manufactured in large sheets. This means that counters will have fewer seams than ever before. In fact, some areas, such as islands, need have no seams at all.
  • Thin. This thin covering is ideal for many modern designs where thicker materials look clunky. Porcelain slab is sleek and slim. In addition, sometimes, homeowners are faced with the removal of an old countertop, which can be costly or difficult. In many cases, porcelain slab can be laid right on top of the existing countertop, negating the need for removal.
  • Tiles. Because porcelain slab is manufactured in the same facilities that make porcelain tiles, there is great potential for designs that integrate perfectly matching slabs and tiles. Porcelain slab could cover the counter, for example, while matching tile could create a backsplash or wall covering.
In addition, more innovations are in the works. A Spanish company is creating a hybrid of porcelain slab, quartz and glass, for example. It’s expected that porcelain slab will continue to incorporate features directly into its surface, such as built-in induction burners or cooking surfaces for delicate pastry.
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